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Things to look for when you want to buy the highest quality automatic gate

An automatic gate is a fantastic addition to any property. Providing controlled access to your home, a high-quality automatic increases privacy, security, and even the value of the property, making it a worthwhile investment for most people.

However, not all automatic gates are made equal. Just like any product, some gates don’t use the best materials, systems, or are just poorly constructed, often making them more of a hassle than they are worth.

Here are 4 things to look out for to ensure you get the best automatic gate:

Weatherproof Systems

You would think that every component of an automatic gate is weatherproof, yet this isn’t guaranteed, despite how important it is.

For example, the wiring that connects the various components together, such as the opening mechanism and control panels, should always be weatherproof as exposure to rain could lead to early failure.

The best gates used only 100% waterproof components to avoid this, so always keep an eye out for this when looking at the electronics, including wires and the control panel.

Control Range

Given the entire purpose of an automatic gate is to provide quick and easy access to your property, the last thing you want is for it to have too short of a control distance, otherwise it defeats the point of having an opener in the first place!

If the gate has a control range of under 3ft, chances are you’re just going to get annoyed by it. The more range you have the further distance you can control the gate from, giving you all the convenience, you were looking for.

The best remote controls come with ranges of up to 100ft and will make accessing the gate much easier, especially if it takes a while to open!

A Backup Battery

Most gates connect to AC power (although there are some exceptions such as solar powered gates), which means there could be an issue in the event of a power outage or any similar problems that could occur, rendering the opener useless until power is restored or repairs are made.

This can be incredibly frustration, which is why it’s recommended that you look for a system that includes some type of backup battery. Sadly, this isn’t standard with all automatic gates, so keep an eye out for a backup battery and ensure that is comes with a good size capacity.

Custom Settings

The best automatic gates allow you to customize the settings from the control box to suit your preferences. Lower quality models only have pre-set functions so are far more limited in their functionality, which is why it’s always better to look for a customizable control box.

For instance, the opening speed is often frustratingly slow, so with custom settings you could increase the speed, so it opens much faster and saves you waiting around too long. Other functions that can be customized include the waiting time, sensitivity, and the remote control, so it’s well worth looking for this if you want the highest quality gate.