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Things to consider when deciding between a wood or metal gate

Although there are a wide range of styles and designs of gates to choose from, there are mainly two materials used for building them: wood and metal. When deciding between these two materials, it is important to consider some important factors that will define the lifespan of your gate. Once you learn about the pros and cons of each, then you can confidently select the material for your gate and have the peace of mind that you have made the right long-term decision.

Following are 5 things to consider when deciding between a wood or metal gate:

1. Durability

UV sun rays, heavy crosswinds, hail, and rainstorms can take their toll on a wooden gate. Wood becomes warped after the unending contracting and expanding cycles of enduring the intense summer heat and the winter moisture throughout the years. Apart from this, there’s another major threat to wood: termites. Termites can break down wood to twig-like weakness, given the time. On the other hand, these natural elements are ineffective against a metal gate.

2. Maintenance

As mentioned before, wood breaks down from enduring endless cycles of nature so proper maintenance and repairs becomes necessary to keep the gate intact and strong for years to come. Doing this requires money and time, regardless of whether you do it yourself or hire someone else. On the other hand, a metal gate will require virtually no maintenance or repairs. Metal such as steel and aluminum is naturally durable and maintenance-free, especially steel because it has non-rusting features.

3. Cost

When it comes to costs, most people prefer wood over metal as it seems relatively inexpensive and has low upfront cost of installation and materials. Apart from this, wood is an inexpensive raw material as it is easy to cut, carve, and hammer together. However, there are further costs associated with this material – annual maintenance and treatments costs add up with the passage of time. As compared to this, a metal gate is more expensive up front, but it has little to no extra costs -so the initial investment is all you will need to worry about as metal gate is built to last. So, a metal gate tends to be more cost-effective in the long-run.

4. Security

Metal is a preferable option when it comes to security as wood that has been weakened by natural elements is easy to snap, allowing easy access to thieves and intruders. And even if your wooden gate is well-maintained, it is still relatively easy to break through with a concerted effort. On the other hand, gaining entry through a metal gate would require a lot of effort, making it an ideal option when security is your main concern.

5. Aesthetics

There is a definitive visual appeal to the charm and warmth of wood. Wooden gates can complement the landscape, design, and architecture of a traditional style property very well. Metal gates on the other hand go well with state-of-the-art architecture. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider the architecture and design of your home before deciding whether to choose wood or metal for your main gate.