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Signs that your business needs an automatic security gate

Businesses face a variety of security threats that can make or break the success of the organization. From break-ins to vandalism, your average business owner must ensure their property remains safe and secure, not just to protect money and valuable goods but also for the safety of staff and customers.

There are some obvious security measures a business can take, such as installing CCTV and heavy-duty locks on each door, yet some security products are often overlooked despite significantly enhancing the security of a business premises.

A robust security gate offers just that, helping to greatly improve the overall security by providing controlled access in and out of the premises. However, it’s not always obvious how beneficial a security gate is and whether your business even needs one.

Here are 4 signs that your business needs an automatic security gate:

Poorly Lit Parking Area

If your business property has a lack of poor lighting around the parking area then an automatic security gate may be a worthwhile investment. This is because a poorly lit parking area is much more likely to attract unwanted attention such as thieves and vandals, as the poor lighting helps to hide what they’re doing.

Unsafe Parking Area

Has there been instances of crime inside your parking area? This often occurs due to poor lighting as mentioned above, yet even well-lit areas may be susceptible to various security threats such as theft or assault.

If there are on-going concerns about the safety of the parking area then take immediate action and install an automatic security gate. It offers protection for any employees, customers, or visitors while acting as a great deterrent from would-be criminals.


If your business property is regularly vandalized then it may be a sign that a better security perimeter is required. Vandalism is a very expensive problem to fix, with it taking time and money to remove/repair damage from vandalism, especially if there is an ongoing occurrence.

Yet, vandalism must be dealt with otherwise it may reflect poorly on the business, especially those working retail or hospitality where the appearance of the business is very important. So, if there are signs of vandalism and it remains an ongoing problem, an automatic security gate offers the perfect solution by controlling access to limit unwanted vandals trespassing.


Whether internal or external, theft has a massive impact on your bottom line, so taking the time to prevent theft is highly recommended for any business. An automatic security gate offers a great solution to this problem, as it immediately enhances the security of your property.

Automatic gates control the flow of people in and out of the property, so by controlling who enters and exits the property you can help deter theft. You’ll have exact times and dates for when people enter and exit the property and be able to inspect vehicles, making it easier to identify suspects that have stolen from the business.