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Information to have ready before you call for automatic gate repair

Automatic gates offer a stylish and secure entranceway to any property. It’s also very convenient, automatically opening while the driver waits, saving the time and effort needed to manually open and close the gate.

Of course, an automatic gate is situated outside so it faces all kinds of elements. It’s also being used every day, so the mechanisms and motors are susceptible to wear and tear, meaning an automatic gate often suffers from operating problems that may require professional repairs.

When it comes to getting repairs, you always want the job to be done as quickly as possible, so it helps to have some information ready before you call for repairs. This will help the repair company identify the problem you’re having and make it easier to get a quick solution.

Be sure to have these 4 pieces of info ready before calling for an automatic gate repair:

What the Problem Is

It seems obvious but you should always have information on what the problem is with the gate. For instance, is it not opening or closing? Does the gate stop halfway as it opens? Is it making strange noises or producing an odd smell? Is the remote controller not working?

There could be any number of reasons that your gate isn’t working properly and the repair company will know what to look out for. So, by giving them a quick rundown of the problem you are facing they can identify the cause and how to fix it.

Gate Type

There are various types of automatic gates and some problems are exclusive to each type. Therefore, you want to have the information on what type of gate you have installed so that the repair company knows exactly what they are dealing with.

For example, problems with an automatic sliding gate often relates to the gate track. It could be a problem specific to sliding gates, such as clogged gate track, or more general automatic gate problem such a faulty motor.

Always identify the type of gate you have, such as a swing gate, sliding gate, telescopic gate, or bi-folding gate. This makes troubleshooting quicker and easier for the person on the phone!

Motor Type

You should also have information on what type of motor your gate uses, as different motors have different issues. For example, underground gate motors often get flooded due to poor drainage and/or clogging, which may cause the motor to fail.

There could be any number of electrical or mechanical issues with an automatic gate motor, so it helps to know what type you have so that the repair technician can determine what the cause of the problem might be.

Gate Location

The location of the gate may be at the root of the problem it is having, which is why it helps to have some quick info on where the gate is on your property. For instance, if an automatic gate is located on a slope the motor is under more strain than a gate on level ground, so this could be the cause of the problem.