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Commercial Solutions – Gates, Bollards & Barriers

EasiGuard Automatic Retractable Bollard



Reliable and Durable | Simple to Install | Customised to Requirements | Full Manual Over-ride

These bollard units are generally used to restrict parking or vehicle access to pedestrian areas. By retracting into the ground access can be granted.


  • Anti ram-raid sectBollardion
    600mm raised height, 1060mm below ground, 150mm x 150mm 5mm stainless steel as standard.
  • Low-voltage electro mechanical drive
    Operates from safe low voltage, 12V DC battery backup in the event of power failure, option of fail up or down.
  • Interfaces to all standard accessories
    Configurable to operate with full range of control and safety equipment including remote control, push button, card reader, safety loops and traffic lights.
  • Fast Operation
    Instant response to operator signal, raise/lower time less than 6 seconds, continuous operation permitted.
  • Very Low Maintenance
    Integral oil bath for drive combined with electrical operation means no regular maintenance program required.
  • Extremely Robust
    Will support over 1 ton in the raised position, over 20 tons in the lowered position. Will stop a 40 ton truck at 5-10mph. Survives most low speed impacts by cars and light commercial vehicles.

» Click here to view a PDF brochure on the Dakota Bollard Specifications



Tripod turn stile for office reception main entrance hall installation

The Series 600 Tripod Turnstile couples an elegant, aesthetically pleasing design, with a solid practical construction – giving customers a compact, off-the-shelf package for virtually any application.

Already installed in many Blue Chip corporate receptions and public facilities, the Series 600 features a simple and reliable construction and uncompromising aesthetics, all in all, adding up to an extremely high quality product which will give many years of reliable operation.

Available as wall mounted or free standing, the Series 600’s design encompasses many of the best features of Broughton Control’s high quality bespoke products. Available in an optional range of colours to match individual customer interior designs, the Series 600 is the ideal solution where there is a need for unimposing security and where space is at a premium.

Key Features

  • Compact, yet effective – allowing throughput to be controlled with only minimum supervision.
  • Proven design and construction from the highest quality materials to give total reliability.
  • Elegant – cost effective but suited to most stylish interior reception areas.
  • Flexible – mechanical or electrical operation, uni or bi-directional, to allow any configuration.
  • Designed for high flow revue collection and/or membership verification.
  • Complete range of RAL colours or stainless steel to match any decor.

Parking Barriers


Private, commercial or industrial areas frequently require a means of providing access and parking to “duly authorized” persons only. Today’s technology offers various systems, but barriers remain the simplest and most economical solution for preventing unauthorized occupation of reserved spaces.

The Upper line offers a complete range of models for the problem free control of different sized openings up to 8 m in conditions of absolute safety and reliability.

In conjunction with the automatic barrier system we also offer a range of overground automation units (Silver and Elite) which are used for the automation of gates with intensive or frequent duty.