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Trouble Shooting

In the event of non-function of an electric gate or automated system the following is a quick check list that can be tried on site:

Remote control fails to operate the gate

  • Check battery
  • Open remote control and check that no foreign bodies (particles or moisture) has entered

Gate will not open

  • Check power supply to gate
  • Check that the photo cells are not covered, damaged or obstructed in any way
  • Make sure no debris is obstructing the path of the gate

Gate will open but will not close

  • In the event that the gate refuses to close this generally means that a photo cell or cabling fault has occurred
  • Check that the photo cells are not damaged or obstructed
  • Check for any visual damage to cables.
  • Make sure there is no hold open switch fitted to the system

Gate refuses to close all the way

  • Check that there is no debris obstructing the path of the gate
  • Check that the gate hinges are greased properly
  • Make sure the gate operator is properly secured to the gate and not damaged in any way

Anything apart from the above, a technician may be required.

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