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Commercial Systems

Tousek Pull Sliding Gate Range

This range of sliding gate operator is used more in the commercial/industrial situation  where larger heavier gates require automation.

The new Pull X range varies in size from 1,000kg to 2,000kg gate weight and can be single or three phase supply.

1000 kg 1500 kg 1500 kg 2000 kg
230V10% 230V10% 230V10% 400V10%
2,8 A 2,8 A 2,8 A 1,65 A
60 % 40 % 40 % 60 %
9 m/min. 9 m/min 9 m/min. 9 m/min.
35 Nm 45 Nm 45 Nm 55 Nm
yes yes commande externe commande externe
yes yes
yes yes
2-channel 2-channel
yes yes

Click here to view the Tousek Pull Operator in action
Click here to view a PDF brochure on the Tousek Pull CR24
Click here to view a PDF brochure on the Tousek Pull SLR, CR

Commercial Overground

For situations where an intensive use system is required the Tousek XL is advised. These operators can be used on swing gates ranging from 2.5m to 5m in length and can have a daily use cycle of up to 100 operations.


Barrier Barrier Barrier

These operators are generally fitted where a fast reliable traffic flow control/restriction is required. Starting with the Ditec UP4 which has a daily use cycle of approx. 250 operations working up to the Tousek Pass 830 barrier operator which has a 100% rating and guarantees an excellent operation for many years.

Click here to view the Tousek Pass 830 in action
Click here to view a PDF brochure on the Ditec UP Range
Click here to view a PDF brochure on the Tousek Pass 830


These bollard units are generally used to restrict parking or vehicle access to pedestrian areas. By retracting into the ground access can be granted. They can also be used in high security situations as an anti-ram solution.

  • Residential, Access Control, Security
  • BollardBrushed Stainless and Hi-visibility nylon coating
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Simple to Install
  • Customised to Requirements
  • Full Manual Over-ride
  • Anti ram-raid section
  • Low voltage electro-mechanical drive
  • Interfaces to all standard accessories
  • Fast Operation
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Extremely Robust

Click here to view a PDF brochure on the Dakota Bollard Specifications

CommercialPrivate, commercial or industrial areas frequently require a means of providing access and parking to "duly authorized" persons only. Today's technology offers various systems, but barriers remain the simplest and most economical solution for preventing unauthorized occupation of reserved spaces. Commercial

The Upper line offers a complete range of models for the problem free control of different sized openings up to 8 m in conditions of absolute safety and reliability.

In conjunction with the automatic barrier system we also offer a range of overground automation units (Silver and Elite) which are used for the automation of gates with intensive or frequent duty.

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